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Come On, Man!

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Zhelnov P. Come on, man! Zheln. 2020 Nov 11;46(1):s16e3. URI:

Status Report

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Come On, Man!

  • I already wrote about the reasons for my stalling.
  • Still, I haven’t figured out how to get out of this situation, so please keep following my progress and get back for updates on Sat, Nov 14; it’s really hard on me, believe me.
  • I’m planning to start posting videos reporting day-by-day progress. Moreover, I’m starting to feel this could give me the right impact to streamline appraisals.
  • Please follow my YouTube and TikTok accounts to catch the upcoming updates.
  • The full-featured academic protocol for Zheln and the Zheln nonprofit business plan will be published separately for Zheln Primary and Full Appraisals. I can’t give you the dates yet, so please stay tuned too.
  • Once I’ve finalized the protocols, I will also start conducting thorough full critical appraisals (with focused replication) of a few select reviews, that will also become publicly available.

Appraisals in Progress

As a rule, I select a review for full appraisal when the topic covered is likely to have a very large practice impact with regard either to both global health care workers and the public or to the minorities. Also, crowdfunding an appraisal is possible.

Alternatively, you can browse appraisals by AMA Specialty.

Browsing by PubMed-indexing date is under development—preview how it would look like for Oct 30 records.

  1. What are the outcomes of acetaminophen v. ibuprofen for fever or pain in children under two years old?
  2. Is quality and safety of hospital care different in outlying patients?
  3. How effective is a combination of alpha-blockers and PDE5-inhibitors for lower urinary tract symptoms?
  4. Is it good and safe to allow mother and baby skin-to-skin contact during a cesarian?
  5. What interventions are there to manage diabetes in homeless adults?
  6. What use are mindfulness-based interventions for mental symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?
  7. What progress has been made to date in terms of universal influenza vaccines?
  8. How effective are interventions to improve antibiotic-prescription behavior among PCPs?
  9. What are the reports of practical use of national guidelines on movement in Canada and similar countries?
  10. What evidence is there to support active break policies in elementary schools?
  11. What is known regarding policy to address pediatric suicidality?
  12. How important is postural control in Down syndrome?
  13. What works for at-risk mental states?
  14. What is the effect of ticagrelor monotherapy after PCI?
  15. How good is social accountability for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health?
  16. What is in the American Psychiatric Association guideline on schizophrenia?
  17. Crowdfunded How effective are tooth decay prevention measures in children six years old or younger?
  18. How good is C-reactive protein measurement with regard to health outcomes?
  19. What is the association between sugar-free gum and dental caries?
  20. How big is the impact of perinatal care systems on infant mortality?
  21. How effective is empathy training in health care education?
  22. What are the current therapeutic applications of human mesenchymal stem cells?
  23. How useful is patient blood management to improve outcomes of major surgery?
  24. What is the effectiveness of eHealth interventions for improving public health?
  25. What is the risk of congenital malformations associated with beta-blocker use in early pregnancy?
  26. How effective behavioral weight-loss interventions in diabetes are?

Full Text Wanted!

I had selected these systematic reviews for full appraisal, but their full texts were unavailable to me. Please contact me if you wish to help procuring them.

  1. How good is the uptake of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in low- and middle-income countries?
  2. What are the outcome predictors of Parent Management Training for child conduct problems?
  3. What is the role of a Registered Dietitian in weight management?
  4. How effective are anti-amyloid-β drugs for Alzheimer’s disease?
  5. How is homelessness experienced by transgender people?
  6. How useful is physical exercise for people living with breast cancer?

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