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Forty-Five Days Online

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Zhelnov P. Forty-five days online. Zheln. 2020 Oct 17;42(2):s2e1. URI:


  • New record uploads have been restored
  • I have found a way to stay on budget & on schedule: focus on 10% of appraisals
  • Full appraisals will start soon as a piloting exercise
  • Documentation is still being written

New Appraisals in Progress

Full Text Wanted!

These systematic reviews had been selected for full appraisal, but their full texts were unavailable to me. Please contact me if you wish to help procuring them.

Zheln is Forty-Five. In Days!

There Has Been an Awakening

  • As I wrote previously, the estimated crowdfunding amount required to accomplish the Zheln’s mission is way too high for the start.
  • But since then, I’ve found a way to stay on budget.
  • To do that, I reduced the workload to 10% while, at the same time, following a tight schedule and dropping older unappraised records.
  • This movement has already proved highly effective.
  • Indeed, it would allow to appraise not all records but just one tenth of them; however, this is for starters, and this solution seems highly scalable when Zheln becomes adequately crowdfunded.
  • Overall, it would take me around five hours daily (except on a Saturday, a day off) to be on schedule.
  • And that’s great because I still have one hour to spend on the website maintenance incl. summary posts (estimated 30 hours a month in total) and two more hours a day to conduct full appraisals.

What’s the Next Move?

  • New record uploads have been restarted and the appraisal process has been put on schedule.
  • As previously mentioned, I’m not doing full appraisals until I’ve established stable record triage (which, as it appears, I did).
  • Also, I need to write and register the protocol for Zheln before I can embark on full appraisals.
  • However, as I see it now, several full appraisals still need to be conducted now as a piloting exercise exactly because I need to carefully design the whole Zheln process to write the protocol and the Zheln Manual.
  • Therefore, I will now move to full appraisals, which, of note, consist of 18 records awaiting and are expected to grow, as the estimated number needed to appraise before one record is selected for full appraisal features roughly every eighth record.
  • Expect a report on how full appraisals are going in the next summary post on Wed, Oct 21!

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