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A Sucker for Pain

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Zhelnov P. A sucker for pain. Zheln. 2020 Oct 10;41(2):s2e2. URI:

Status Anginosus

  • The protocol is still in the works. I’d very much like to finalize and submit it to PROSPERO by Mon, Oct 12. You can track the progress.
  • Zheln is getting ready to participate in Hacktoberfest! I’ve incidentally learned about this event on Twitter. This gives a chance to see how crowdsourcing appraisals could actually look like. Zheln will enrol shortly in line with the protocol write-up.
  • I’ve conducted no new appraisals since the last summary. Once I’m done with the protocol, I’m taking up this issue very seriously to set a stable appraisal schedule.

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