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Alone, I (Don’t) Break

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Zhelnov P. Alone, I (don’t) break. Zheln. 2020 Oct 7;41(1):s1e1. URI:


  • Record appraisals have sped up; however, this is still too much for me alone
  • I’m working on it: appraising in a random order; inviting collaborators and crowdfunders
  • Ultimately, the body of appraisals on Zheln is growing
  • The academic protocol-writing for Zheln has taken one more week

General Status

  • In the previous summary, I reported a way to speed up Zheln appraisals so that one appraisal took two minutes instead of ten.
  • I have taken more measurements, and, based on 14 random appraisals, approx. two minutes per appraisal is a solid estimate.
  • However, I’ve conducted just twenty-one (fourteen plus seven) new appraisals in the last four days since the last summary, of which no appraisal was complete.
  • This is suggestive of an important consideration: I’m able to appraise only a fraction of incoming records given my current resources. On the one hand, my appraisal speed is not high enough. From the other hand, in fact, I appraise even fewer records than that because of the other activities interfering.
  • And this is exciting news, to be honest! It implies evidence Zheln cannot be run alone to fully bring its mission to life, so in the future more appraisers will be needed.
  • For now I will have to go with what we’ve got. I appraise records in an automated true random sequence now, so this record fraction I appraise is not going to be significantly different from the whole record set.
  • Anyway, if you know anyone who’s interested in joining the Zheln team, see the opportunity to conduct own appraisals I wrote about previously!
  • Also, there’s a fine addition to my collection of systematic reviews awaiting a full appraisal! Currently as a protocol, it aims to assess the effectiveness of eHealth interventions for improving public health. Tip: You can locate 10 latest records selected for full appraisal typing appraisal in progress in the Zheln search bar.

Academic Status

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