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Speeding Up

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Zhelnov P. Speeding up. Zheln. 2020 Oct 3;40(2):s2e3. URI:


  • It appears I found a way to speed up record appraisals
  • Appraising one record takes two minutes instead of ten now
  • I’m writing & submitting the protocol for Zheln to PROSPERO this weekend
  • Zheln runs out of funds by the end of 2020, but not unless you help crowdfund it!

General Status

  • For a week now that Zheln is fully-armed and operational, I’ve been busy appraising records.
  • In the previous summaries, quality over quantity was emphasized and the first appraisals were reported.
  • In the last three days, I’ve managed to conduct nine appraisals only (none complete).
  • For the record, this is the exact same number of appraisals I conducted earlier.
  • However, this time it took around two minutes per record instead of the estimated ten minutes per record or five times faster.
  • However, these measurements are very preliminary, and more research in this direction is coming. I’ve already set up this super Thyme app by João Moreno. 😏
  • But how did I get this far?
  • On the one hand, I’ve reformatted the editable version of a record to boost its usability.
  • From the other hand, I’ve reduced the number of specialty tags to one during initial appraisal. Then, to add more specialty tags to these records, I will conduct Specialty Tagging Sessions twice a week.
  • See how it all works out in the next summary post on Wed, Oct 7!

Academic Status

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