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An All-Out Life

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Zhelnov P. An all-out life. Zheln. 2020 Oct 14;42(1):s1e1. URI:


  • New record uploads have been halted while I do administrative work
  • However, older records get appraised in the process
  • The protocol has been extended to a full nonprofit business plan—The Zheln Manual
  • Struggling to publish and register the Manual in PROSPERO by the end of October

New Appraisals in Progress

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General Status

Lieutenant General Status

  • From an administrative standpoint, Zheln is in constant jeopardy, to be honest, with funds and human resources critically lacking.
  • It has become very clear now that with my solitary involvement, the Zheln’s mission is unattainable.
  • Therefore, I need to raise resources.
  • Per my latest calculations (see the pre-latest), nine full-time jobs will be required, at the very least: three full-time primary appraisers, five full-time specialty-taggers, and at least one half-full-appraiser/half-website-maintainer.
  • With a wage of $15 per hour, that I consider a minimum pay, and a maximum 48-hour working week, this will amount to the required crowdfunding of $25,920 per month, which is quite a figure! 🥵
  • Therefore, I’m resorting to writing a full-scale nonprofit business plan to carefully think things over—The Zheln Manual.
  • In the light of the considerations above, the academic protocol for Zheln is still pending; it will now go along with the Manual.
  • I believe I can make it in the forthcoming two weeks; afterwards, I’ll finally be able to register Zheln with PROSPERO.
  • Track the administrative progress in a separate Zheln kanban created specifically for the Full-Scale Launch. 🚀😎
  • Also, I have created a separate project to collect ideas on how to improve Zheln, but that’s for later. 😉

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Running Zheln takes most of my work capacity. I’ve managed to stay off other jobs for now but will be forced to find another job unless crowdfunded by the end of this year.

In other words, you can’t be sure Zheln isn’t suspended in 2021 if you avoid funding it. But if you donate, I pledge to keep running Zheln in recognition of your support.

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