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The November Outline

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Zhelnov P. The November outline. Zheln. 2020 Oct 31;44(2):s13e1. URI:


  • I have failed you Anakin to complete the Zheln protocol by the end of October
  • However, failures are a good thing preventing Zheln from launching too early
  • That’s why I’m spending November appraising records and closing appraisal debts
  • I’ll get back to writing the protocol & business plan once I feel I can manage
  • The Mandalorian Chapter 9 is airing!

Where Is the Protocol?

  • In the previous Zheln summary, I wrote I was about to write the protocol by today, Oct 31.
  • However, I haven’t done it.
  • Also, I wrote some record appraisal debt had accumulated. Here, too, not only haven’t I closed it yet but have also let it grow further.

What’s Going On?

  • Effectively, I’ve been feeling somewhat depressed about all of it.
  • Coupled with worries about longevity of Zheln, lack of funding for 2021, zero public interest in the project so far, and relapses of my atopic dermatitis debilitating and turning my daily sleep into a mess, it has become the thing preventing me from moving on.
  • As this is an absolutely destructive way of running Zheln, today, I’m voting for a change.

What’s Gonna Happen in November?

  • I have calculated there is currently a debt of 694 records (assuming the 10%-per-day appraisal rate).
  • My pragmatic median primary record appraisal time is 6 minutes (measurement 1; measurement 2; measurement 3).
  • At the same time, my target average daily work capacity on Zheln, with no full appraisals currently possible while the registration in PROSPERO is pending because reviews that have started data extraction are not accepted for registration, is 6 hours a day except on Saturdays (days off).
  • Therefore, assuming eight work hours a day, I should be able to appraise 20 additional records daily.
  • Overall, this amounts to 35 workdays or six weeks to get out of the record appraisal debt.
  • So, to ensure stability, 120 records of debt should be appraised by the end of each week. I’ve already set these milestones on GitHub (Nov 8; Nov 15; Nov 22; Nov 29; Dec 6; Dec 13).
  • Obviously, I can’t influence my dermatitis and sleep issues much (as I’m already receiving all available treatments), so some changes to this schedule may be necessary. Anyway, that’s what agile planning we’re using is there for, and summary posts twice a week, that have been published persistently for five weeks in a row now, will stand.
  • As to the Zheln protocol and nonprofit business plan writing, I’m not able to do it now. First, I’m going to be totally busy appraising records, and I don’t want to ruin that. Second, I just can’t be sure I’m really able to run Zheln in a long term unless I have demonstrated I’ve got out of the debt and have been following the appraising schedule consistently for a considerable period.
  • Thus, I’m going to focus on achieving stable 10%-per-day appraisal rates and appraisal-debt recovery in November.
  • If I feel the appraisal pace has strengthened enough, and if I have time to spare, I’ll get back to writing the Zheln Manual early. The first thing will be conducting pilot full appraisals to break down the full-appraisal process.
  • Overall, I feel this downward slope in the Zheln’s life is a good thing because it is a great test of the project survival.

Status Report

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